Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - the four dichotomies

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i >>>> introversion

focusing internally. to receive and reflect. inner world of thought and ideas. energy from reflection
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>n >>>> intuition

urge to acquire knowledge. seek complexity. figurative. associations of possibilities. imaginative. unconventional. intellectual. mental focus on future guided by models and ideas
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t >>>> thinking

analytical cause and effect judgement. subjective experience of logic. world as object. stepping out of a situation. critical. logical. questioning to verify information. to explore independent sources of information. insist on sequential reasoning
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>j >>>> judging

Judgement: decisive. Orderly. Planned expression. Make decisions. Bring closure. Planning.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>e >>>> extroversion

stimulus seeking. seek to initiate. external activity. change. interaction. seeking an event to be experienced
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>s >>>> sensing

realistic pragmatic facts. focused on the present. concrete. matter of fact experiences directly and exactly. clarity. practical importance. methodical. certain. adamant about details. specificity. detail. hard data. sensory realities of life. traditions
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>f >>>> feeling

value-oriented. accommodating. subjective experience. world as subject. stepping in. accepting. trusting emotions. fair-minded. seeking consensus. consistency with personal values rather than logic. how information affects individuals
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>p >>>> perceiving

adhoc. casual. spontaneous. open to new information. laid back. unconcerned with schedule. comfortable with ambiguity. flexible. open







Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Types